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Be the Change

Get Involved

Join us on our journey to sustain Madison County for the next generation.

As a public service agency, our role within our county is largely based on you and your involvement. Our neighbors are our customers and we aim to serve all. Here are some ways to utilize your SWCD:

Volunteer with Us
We have plenty of opportunities for those interested in gaining environmental work experience or seeking to care for our community. Each year, we encourage motivated Madison County students to join the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Ohio Earth Team.

Spread the Word
We have helped many landowners overcome the technical and financial hurdles when making changes in their farming operations or landscape to improve soil health, protect water quality or provide wildlife habitat.  If you have worked with us to achieve positive results, spread the word to your neighbors and encourage them to contact us!

Voice Your Concerns
If you have a question or concern about natural resources in your area, we encourage you to speak up. Let your voice be heard at public forums and meetings or contact us  to see how we can help.