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We steward Madison County’s environment, helping conserve soil, water and related resources by connecting the public with available technical, financial and educational tools. With your help, we can preserve our county for generations to come.

Working with the SWCD has helped us improve several farms by being able to add buffer strips along creeks and improving the soil resiliency against flooding and not having crops being damaged in those areas - Corey Phillippi, Madison County Farmer


When, Where, How, Why to Collect Milkweed Pods

There’s a place you can go to discover such things as:
• How grazing goats can help control invasive plants in your woods.
• How to call turkeys, identify frogs, stock your pond with the best types of fish, and grow your own edible mushrooms in a bucket.
• How and when to harvest timber, and what today’s volatile lumber prices can mean for you and your woods.
• How to identify the spotted lanternfly, an invasive species new to Ohio that can damage your fruit and shade trees and grape vines.
If you want to learn more about woods, water, wildlife, and grazing lands—and walk among them while you do it—check out the Gwynne Conservation Area at this year’s Farm Science Review.