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Madison SWCD Annual Election - Two Ways to Get Your Name on the Ballot

Any resident 18 years of age or older who resides within the county of the election can seek election to the SWCD board of supervisors. Names can be placed on the ballot in one of two ways.

Candidates can be nominated by the SWCD nominating committee. This committee works throughout the year looking for candidates who are interested in the conservation and protection of natural resources within the county.

Interested individuals may also contact the SWCD by calling 740-852-4003 to arrange to pick up a nomination petition form. Potential candidates need to secure at least 10 signatures from residents and/or landowners from the county and submit the petition to the district by the close of business on July 18, 2022.

 Candidates meeting the eligibility requirements and deadline will be listed on the ballot for the special election.  The election period will be from August 22, 2022, through September 20, 2022, with our banquet to be held on Thursday, September 15, 2022, with voting available from 5:30 pm. – 6:30 p.m. at the  Procter Center, 11235 State Route 38 SE, London, Ohio.   

Soil and water conservation districts, located in all 88 Ohio counties, are legal subdivisions of state government that provide natural resource management assistance to county landowners and other units of local government.  The district is funded by the Madison County Commissioners, and county funds are supplemented by funding from the Ohio Department of Agriculture.  The district is governed by a five-member board of county residents.  Board members serve staggered three-year terms.

 The nomination procedure changes were adopted by the seven-member Ohio Soil and Water Conservation Commission, which oversees SWCD election guidelines.